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Saturday, March 21, 2020

SDM repacks

Picked up six of these repacks from Shoppers Drug Mart. They are distributed by Grosnor Distribution Inc. Took all the 15/16 UD S2 packs and left the rest. ( Score, OPC )

Here's four of the six unopened packs. These were $1.29 each.

Got a YG but not an Eichel I guess the OPC Marquee Rookie will have to suffice. A fun little break during these times. Going to check some others to see if they have any.


  1. When you get a chance, will you email your mailing address so I can send you some Jays? There's a link to my primary email through my blog, or you can send to [myblogname]

  2. It's always fun to find repacks like those, and you did well with going with the Upper Deck packs. They have better quality pics and player selection. Nice job on the Eichel.

  3. I also need your address! Please email me at thelostcollector AT gmail