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Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28

Dick Cherry

Today's Birthday
"People are forever coming up and asking me, 'Hey, aren't you Don's brother?' " explained Dick. "I've been called 'Don's brother' so often in recent years that I sometimes think my initials are D.B. While Dick lives in the very big shadow of his brother, he was actually a better player - 149 times better if you compare NHL games played totals. Don only appeared in one NHL game in his long minor league career. Dick too played mostly in the minors, but appeared in 149 NHL  games - 8 with Boston and 141 with Philadelphia.

He retired twice only to return when the NHL beckoned. Dick returned to teaching full time and later became a principal. This was when I sent my autograph request. His RC 69/70 OPC # 173
 I still have the envelope somewhere.

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