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Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4--Laurie Boschman

Laurie Boschman

Selected in first round by Toronto Maple Leafs, number 9 overall in the 1979 NHL Entry Draft

In his rookie campaign, he showed signs that his promise was in the process of delivery. He skated well between John Anderson and Rocky Saganiuk. But in year two, he was felled with mononucleosis. To add to his woes, he was rushed back too soon after the illness had struck. As such, he skated like a tired hound dog at the end of a long hunt. His situation was further exacerbated when the club's owner, Harold Ballard, suggested that Boschman's Christian beliefs were at the root of his poor play.

Boschman is one of only sixteen players in NHL history to have recorded 500+ points and 2,000+PIM in their career.

Boschman played one season in Britain after leaving the NHL. He soon returned to Ottawa as his adopted home. He  has been very active with Hockey Ministries International in retirement. 

1979-1993Toronto, Edmonton,
Winnipeg, NJ, Ottawa
1980-1992TOR, EDM, WIN, NJ5781321140

Received these blue ink signed cards and brochure from HMI TTM.

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