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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vintage Blue jays

In my never ending quest for FREE stuff, is a Los Angeles based on-line rewards site that enables users to earn virtual currency (Swagbucks) and real life rewards for their everyday web activity.

I joined at the start of the year and was looking ofr something to spend my money on. Nothing much caught my fancy in the trading cards section except for the following:

MLB Vintage Trading Card 4-pack (Any Team)

MLB Vintage Trading Card 4-pack (Any Team)

Are you a collector of vintage 70's, 80's and early-mid 90's baseball cards? Do you have a favorite baseball team? If you answered yes to either, then this item is for you!

When you order this prize, you will receive four vintage trading cards from any team that you choose! Many stars of the era are included in this lot, so grab yourself one!
++ Note, the cards, and the year shown, may not be the ones you receive.

This could be had for the low price of 120 swagbucks. So I ordered the Blue Jays (of course) on April 22. This past Tuesday, there was this PWE waiting for me.

What treasures was I about to unveil?

In an Ultra Pro semi rigid holder, my vintage haul was as follows

1987 Topps # 643 Ron Shepherd
1993 Topps # 427 Bob MacDonald
1993 Topps # 458 David Wells
1993 # 564 Mike Timlin

Some more fodder to my boxes of Blue Jays cards.

For free, what could I expect. A 1977 Steve Hargan.

Has anyone else ordered from Swagbucks? Were you pleasantly surprised with your "swag"

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  1. I prefer to save up my swagbucks to buy PayPal gift cards which I then spend at COMC or Sportlots to pick the Jay cards I need/want.