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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Home Run! Bachelor Contestant Corrie Adamson Marries Baseball Player

And so it begins.  The gauntlet has been thrown. The first challenge is issued and now there is no turning back. I have accepted this challenge and will gladly go forward in this battle.

Corrie Adamson

"Proud" to be a virgin

Do you remember Corrie Adamson? The Bachelor Season 14?
She found her Prince Charming, Chris Coghlan and married him in 2011.
Now that have your attention, let's get to the task at hand

The things you learn while doing research.  Googling Chris Coghlan to find out more about him and look at what we unearthed. Seems to be more interesting than his baseball career.
I guess I should get around to writing about this card.

2009 National League Rookie of the Year

This is a Topps 2011 Attax RPG card.
Number 52/258. Not serial numbered, the card number and the number of cards in set.
Common black diamond (hope Corrie got more than a common diamond). With his 2013 salary at $503,500.00, I hope so.

It appears this guy is a (swinging) singles hitter. That's the S in the green baseball diamond. But on the card, he looks like he's watching a long flyball.(or his career going going, its outta here)

And if we're losing, he gets motivated and increases his fastball and change rating by +5. Gee, I could get motivated for 503,500 reasons.

Chris has always re-signed one year contracts and could be the odd man out with the improvement of other outfielders in Miami.

He has Super 2 status and is arbitration eligible which means he will likely be back with the Marlins unless designated for assignment.

As the saying goes, if you don't have anything good to say....
Adios tarjeta de beisbol

More interesting stuff to read on the couple than on the main subject.

 Corrie and Chris Coghlan . Navigating our way through life, marriage & baseball with Jesus Christ as our guide!

Coghlans Blog here

Corries Pinterest Link

Corries Facebook page

Maybe this should be the card I'm writing about

The preceding post is part of Nachos Grande contest.  Read about the details and

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  1. Can't vote yet - I'll post the polls after the contest round closes. As for your take, I like it - and it looks like Chris is a winner whether his baseball team is doing well or not. I guess if you make a big league salary and you get the girl of your dreams, you are doing alright.