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Monday, October 28, 2013

Jose can you see

Round 1 of Nachos Grande bracket challenge is now up and running. I'm up against some pretty stiff competition in The Card Hobbyist so I'll have to get the creative
 "juices" flowing here.
If you were looking for another parody of the National Anthem, you won't find it here  You WILL read about a very pensive Jose Canseco regarding his past, present and future.

 1992 Studio Heritage Series #BC4
The Springfield Nuclear Power plant Softball team
During a paid autograph session, Jose Canseco is approached by one  Mr. Waylon Smithers, who is recruiting ringers for the company softball team.
Canseco: I get $50,000 to play one game?
Smithers: That's right Mr. Canseco.
Canseco: Well, it's a pay cut, but what the hey. It sounds like fun.
  At the time, Canseco was on a five-year, $23.5 million extension that yielded $4.7 million per season. (signed June 28, 1990)

Unfortunately, he never made it to the game.
 Canseco got to play hero, rushing into a woman's burning house to rescue her baby, then cat, followed by a player piano, washer, dryer, couch and recliner combo, high chair, TV, rug, kitchen table and chairs, lamp, and grandfather clock. 
No pay so I guess it's back to the A's and the on-deck circle.
 (What The Rangers????)
 (according to the card release date and for this contest's purpose)
Featured Card
1998 Collectors Choice # 200
Oakland Athletics
 Here we have Jose, having already re-visited his past, looking wistfully at his present.
"Well, that was a nice tour of Arlington and Boston." 
 During the 1997 season, his return to Oakland was largely unsuccessful and he's wondering which path to take.
 (Do you know the way to Burlingame?)
 "Seems like those guys McGwire and Sosa are trying to have some kind of contest and I'm not invited."
Now he's thinking that maybe he should have stuck to softball.

It's now come to this.
We have to read his tweets as they are pretty much made up of head shaking material.
Take this yard.
Just won the 50 and over senior softball tourney in ocala Florida we also beat the 1 ranked team in the nation

You're 49 RT @JoseCanseco: Just won the 50 and over senior softball tourney in ocala Florida we also beat the 1 ranked team in the nation

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  1. dan1111 - Oct 16, 2013 at 9:04 AM
    If he were a year older, it would be totally ok for a former MLB star to play in an amateur league and then brag about how he was able to beat a bunch of middle-aged used car salesmen and accountants!
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    • bmulli12 - Oct 16, 2013 at 9:59 AM
      not cheating. He can play in 50s in Oct. if he will be 50 by end of following year. As far as beating used car salesmen and accountants, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Very competitive- would like to see you get on the field with these players- you would get your nuts handed to you if you didn’t know what you were doing.
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 I guess he should have stayed with his vision from the past. Now celebrating winning an over 50 softball tournament is worthy.
And which one was this?
The ghost of Canseco Past, Present or Future.

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