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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mail Call w/e Feb 21


A few packages that came in last week. Been a while since I have received anything, so its Sharing Time.





It’s been a while since I won and received a Listia auction. There’s not a lot with free shipping to Canada but this was a Canadian seller so the above 10 cards were had for 73 credits.



Sent and e-mail to the Vancouver Canucks for a fan pack. Received the above postcards and sticker in 11 days. I guess doing it during the Olympic break must have hurried this along.



Last but not least.

This bulging brown (manila) envelope from Jeff at 2 x 3 Heroes. He had a Tis the Season post(referred to in the post it note on the envelope). He had a lot of extra cards and you could write in your team with two alternates. He also has the PWE club that I;m a member of. Check out his site for details. Anyhow here is what I received.



Five bulging team bags full of goodness. Two from my team, the Blue Jays. Got some coloured parallels , minis and inserts. I didn’t collect all these products when released so I got a healthy does of cards for my baseball collection. Two bags of Rays and one Brewers. There’s between 30-40 cards in each. Thanks again Jeff for your dump.

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  1. Enjoy. I hope there is a lot that fits into your collection.