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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I was looking through some of my stuff the other day and ran across this item

40 Collectible hockey cards. The best to collect
This pack contains genuine Upper Deck Hockey Cards. Upper Deck is a federally registered trademark of the Upper  Deck Co.

Treat Entertainment Inc is no longer in business. I seem to remember then putting out repacks during the height of the card explosion in the 90's. And I'm glad to get genuine cards. Wouldn't want any counterfeit Lindros cards.  It's a little fuzzy but the price tag was $6.99. Now I'm a cheap thrifty shopper so I know I didn't pay full price. As near as I can remember, I paid around $1.00. Time to crack this one out of it's shell.

Here's the 20 cards from the left hand section.

Here's the 20 cards from the right hand section.

Now I still have another unopened package

 I'm assuming that the cards are  the same as the four cards shown are too.  Nice selection of stars, veterans and star rookies. The follow up set to Upper Deck's first hockey release. The design is very clean with a strong focus on photography. At the time, the glossy look was high-end, setting it above nearly every other hockey card set. The white borders and general layout are very similar to the 1990-91 set. The biggest difference is the NHL 75th anniversary logo along the bottom of the card. Card backs have another large photo, vitals, stats for the previous five years and career numbers.

However, not much of a treat.

But the Post.

Now, if you've been following some of my previous posts, here is pack number four for me for this set. Only two more to go.

And that wraps up another post about nothing. Kind of like card collectors in cereal getting cards.


  1. Bob McGill is totally going to steal your woman with that look. Watch out.

  2. I too took advantage of Post's offer and I got the pack with Connor McDavid. I am hoping to maybe get him to sign it some day.

    As for the 91-92 UD, that product is a constant reminder of how much money I wasted on early 90's product. Some day when the apocalypse is upon us, I will dig them out and use them to keep a fire going to keep my family warm.