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Friday, July 11, 2014


Its a mixture of baseball things.(and a little hockey)

Received this Jose Reyes bobblehead from one of my daughters.

 She attended the June 8th game versus the Cardinals and this was the SGA.
Still in the package so unfortunately, Jose can not you see.

 A few days after this (for Fathers's Day), I received tickets to the August 21st game against the Yankees. The SGA that day will be a Blue Jays l/s baseball shirt.  Will have a good time with my 3 daughters.

Received a few packages in the mail. My "winnings" from David at Tribecards arrived, a nice white 200 count box full of cards. (196 to be exact). David opened a pack of cards a day during last years entire season. Basically, you picked players for your team and if that card was in the pack, you got it. There was a draft for unclaimed cards so you could try to claim the card that was pulled. I picked mostly Blue Jays, with some Can-Con and Japanese players.

 I claimed the only "hit" , a Mickey Rivers 2006 Topps Team Topps autograph.

There were minis, bigs, shinies and vintage, oh my.

A lot of new cards for my Blue Jays collection.
Alas, this year I'm not doing so great.

Received from Chris at Nachos Grande my winnings from one of his contests. Got a whack of Jays cards to add to my collection.

 He also included some unopened hockey packs, 90/91 ProSet series 1 and 91/92 Score.

And some custom minis.  The signed one of Chris along with Ryan, the creator of the cards. Cancon content with Gretzky and Votto.

And from Greg @ Night Owl Cards, received these great baseball winnings from this contest. Starting to add to my vintage collection.

 He also included some hockey cards

JediJeff at 2 x 3 heroes has kept my Blue Jays collection growing with his PWE's.

Just a small sampling of the goods. Love em all.
And on the hockey front.

An update on the Harry Howell story.

Fast track for Harry Howell arena naming

Stanley Cup appearances in the area

As I surmised, 

Jake Muzzin will have his day with the Stanley Cup July 27 in Woodstock

Stanley Cup is Norfolk bound

It also appears that something is in the works for both Rob Blake and John Stevens.

Of course, the way things work out, I'll be away on holidays the week of July 21st and back to work the week of July 28th. Might be able to make the Muzzin event.

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