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Thursday, July 31, 2014

This Day in NHL History 1995 July 31/Monthly Update

July 31

New York Rangers traded Jay Wells to the St. Louis Blues, in exchange for Doug Lidster.

87/88 Vancouver Canucks team issue

Obtained blue ink sig TTM.

Another month bites the dust. So, how did I do on this on-going project.  I started in April and am posting autographs from my collection for an event that happened each day of the month. Hence the title, This Day in NHL history.

April  22/22
          May   31/31     
   June  30/30   
July  30/31

Finally been skunked. 123/124 days. I didn't think with this being the off-season  that it would be this good.  C,mon August.

Thanks for reading.

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