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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This Day in NHL History 1979 Nov 18

November 18

Buffalo Sabres faced Edmonton for the first time in team history, and beat the Oilers, 9-7 in Buffalo. Larry Playfair scored his first NHL goal, while Gilbert Perreault added two goals and two assists.

84/85 OPC # 26

Obtained blue ink auto IP.


  1. One of my college students is from Buffalo. I asked her who her favorite player is, and she said Larry Playfair.

    I gave her a funny look, and mentioned that Playfair probably retired before she was born. She told me that he was her softball coach in high school, which is why she's a fan of his despite being in her 20s.

    I then asked her if Larry ever played fair, and she rolled her eyes, smiled and said "Yeah, like we all haven't heard that one before."

  2. It's always nice to have some sort of connection to a former player and have a story or two to recount