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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wallet Card

Somebody (Gavin of Baseball Card Breakdown) came up with the wallet card game. You can read the details over there. A lot of other bloggers have joined (The Writers Journey and Sportscards from the Dollar Store, to name a few), so am showing my entry.

First the wallet

Oops, wrong one. This is the one my wife says I have.

This is a Tilley--Genuine Leather-Made in Canada wallet. It has lots of wear and has plenty of room to house my card.
Usually full of plastic, credit and bank cards and loyalty cards. Right now, some Christmas money left to spend. 

And the honour goes to 

The man they called "Squid" Rick Vaive
84/85 OPC # 313 

Former Leafs captain and first in franchise history to score 50 goals in a season. I'm mainly a hockey guy (baseball, read Blue Jays, is secondary) That's enough for me to want this card to share my journey this year.

And the first stop is my workplace. Since I'm now working from home, the commute is short and the wear and tear on Mr. Vaive is minimal.

Now, back into the wallet. The visit is over and I have work to do.

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