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Monday, June 29, 2015

Garage Sale Goodies

I went to my third garage sale in two years and believe I did fairly well.

1997 McDonalds Team Canada Olympic Coins

All told, three complete sets and about 30 extra coins.

1998 Team Canada Olympic Valu-net Phonecards

$5.00 phone cards of Eric Lindros, Brendan Shanahan and Paul Kariya still in cellophane

1980 Star Profiles colouring book--uncoloured with all the pages

1970/71 Esso Power Player soft cover album

Complete with all 252 stamps.

2000 Wayne Gretzky Starting Lineup Toronto All-Star Game Edition.
I had to get this as this was the All-Star Game I worked at.

84/85 OPC # 48 Doug Wilson
90/91 Score # 428 Jaromir Jagr

I needed the Wilson for my 84/85 set and didn't have a Jagr.

1982/83 Wayne Gretzky Remex digital watch

No box but still in fantastic shape.

Now it you've read this far, you're probably wondering what I paid for these items. 

I'm going to turn this into a contest and here are the rules.

1) First person to guess the exact amount wins. 
2) If nobody guesses by the end of Canada Day (July 1), the first  one coming closest without going over will win.
3) If all the guesses are over, the one going over but the closest wins.
4) You can guess once per day.

I haven't picked out the prize package yet but will consist of some autographed hockey cards.

Good luck.