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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

90/91 Score Young Superstars # 19

# 19 Trevor Linden

Young--20 years old  

Superstar--an exceptional talent, widely recognized and eagerly sought after for their services

Regular season
GP 1382    G 375  A  492   Pts 867   PIM 895

GP 124   G  34   A  65    Pts. 99  PIM  104

Currently president of hockey operations and alternate governor of the Vancouver Canucks.

NHL debut Oct 6 1988.

2 AllStar game appearances 1991 and 1992

NHL All Rookie team 1989 
King Clancy Memorial Trophy 1997
NHL Foundation Player Award 2008

1996 World Cup
1998 Olympic team
1998 World Champonships

Young, yes but no superstar in my opinion.

Young  13/19, superstar 5/19


  1. Yeah... I wouldn't call Linden a superstar, but he wasn't a common either. If we were using 90's Beckett's terminology, I'd classify him as a semi-star.

  2. Too bad that ice hockey players do not wear the white plastic armor they used to wear in the eighties and seventies. But nowadays they call that equipment instead of stating the obvious and calling it armor which is what it really is.