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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Oot and aboot

Continuing with this series visiting hockey related places while day travelling through Ontario.

Today we visit Hagersville, Ontario. Hagersville was named to honour brothers Charles and David Hager in 1852. They had bought up most of the land in the area where a small village existed. It's located 94 km (58.4 miles) from Toronto. Population in 2016 was 2815. Just a little background before we get to the reason for this post.

This isn't about Neil Peart, best known as the drummer for Rush, born in Hagersville in 1952.

No, the sign is out for

3 time Olympic Gold Medalist and 4 time World Champion Becky Kellar.

She retired in 2010 and is now a motivational speaker and runs a hockey camp with former teammate Cheryl Pounder.

While there, had to stop at Timmies to get my double double. (my fellow Canadians will understand this) This particular store had the Tim Horton picture in the window by the entrance door. (notice the hockey stick shaped door handles) The colour bars in the bottom right corner is a timeline for the teams he played for. St Michaels Majors, Pittsburgh Hornets, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres.

May be an image of nature and ocean

Then it was off for a little relaxation.

Until next time, when we visit somewhere oot and aboot. Stay safe.


  1. Lighthouses are cool. Neil Peart is cooler. Relaxation is the coolest!

  2. Ice hockey sticks on the door is something different that looks original and a little strange. But that is not commonly seen on any doors. So that is the first time I ever saw that.