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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Waiting 'til Next Year

  No I did have to. More like waiting til next week.

 P-Town Tom of Waiting 'til Next Year fame was cleaning out his collection and was sending out cards to you for your team of preference. FREE. He confirmed he would ship to Canada and, of course, picked the Blue Jays. He shipped on Thursday  May 17 and I received a 400 count box on Tuesday May 22. Now we don't have mail delivery on Saturday or Sunday and that Monday was a holiday, Victoria Day. Now that is some service. Here's a smattering of the goodness I received.

The, I think should be obligatory note. I always send one with my packages.

Love me some vintage.

And the shiny, doesn't scan well, can't read names cards.

Oddball for the oddball.

And to end it all, junk wax,  over production era gems.

Added some good stuff to the ever burgeoning Jays collection.

Thanks again Tom for your generosity.

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