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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Oot and Aboot

Now another installment in my regular near dormant series. I don't know if this is a Canadian thing or what. Inside Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, there is the Brantford and Area Sports Hall of  athletes,  buildersRecognition. This recognizes athletic achievements by local residents. Since 1984, the Hall has inducted 87 athletes,  5 builders, 40 individuals and 31 teams. Last night I attended the 2018 induction ceremony.

I had the program signed by the 4 honoured guests last night

along with these 4 x 6 cards. I'll add these to my collection of members of the Hall.

I always love refreshments and light snacks. (served after the ceremony) . I'm guessing some of you readers have something similar. I'd like to see what you have. 

And so ends another segment of Oot and Aboot.

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