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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Oot and aboot

In todays episode of oot and aboot, we aren't travelling far. We are staying right here in Brantford. In 2008, Brantford City Council approved the design and structure of a new walk of fame monument. This was to honour the outstanding achievements of local citizens, past and present. A diverse group, that includes athletes, writers, philanthropists and inventors to artists scientists, actors and writers. The design was around the theme of the Grand River, the concrete and tempered glass structure includes a water channel pattern to channel the concept of the flow of time and the lives that have shaped the community.

View of the wall with the glass looking wave like.

Canada's favourite hockey Dad.

It's fun coming in as the second or third lead. If the movie or TV show bombs, you aren't to blame.

Mr. Warson, come here. I want to see you.

A former Toronto Maple Leaf draft pick.

The Great One

I didn't take photos of all 24 members, just the hockey ones and a couple I thought were more well known world wide.

Again, until next time , oot and aboot.


  1. Very cool and attractive monument.

  2. Every town should have something like this to celebrate their history.