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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Hayley Wickenheiser Day

On Tuesday May 23, 2023 the local Ladies Who Lead  group added Hayley Wickenheiser to this years speaker series. Ladies Who Lead is a network of dynamic professional women who believe that by building business, building self, building relationships and building community, we can lift each other up to achieve our goals. The speaker series is an annual fundraising event used to support the goals of Ladies Who Lead. As well, funds from this years event will go toward the Arnold Anderson Sport Fund, Brantford Girls Hockey Association Brantford Minor Hockey, Paris Minor Hockey and Brantford Community Hockey League.

The City of Brantford proclaimed May 23rd as Hayley Wickenheiser Day.


Program from the event.

Thanks to Picture Perfect Window Coverings, I was able to secure a pair of tickets. Listening to Hayley talk was inspiring as she has accomplished a lot in her life. In the audience were a lot of girls and young women who I'm sure enjoyed this very much. As the father of 4 girls, I've always championed for them to be able to play any sport they wanted to. I've also done coaching on the girls side. All in all, a great time even though I didn't get an autograph.

And coming soon, another hockey related event I attended. 

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  1. Rasmus Ristolainen shot a puck into a goal and it came out of the goal when he did a low slap shot. I wonder if he would be able to do that on a lake if he would be able to duplicate besides imitate what he already did in the rink.