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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aug 21--1999/2000 Topps Stadium Club hockey

Sixteen players and three days in a row with nothing to show.  Time for pack rip of

1999/2000 Topps Stadium Club hockey

4 cards per pack. Feels pretty thick. Action photo on front with head and shoulders shot on back little write up and a 1998/99 Statistical Breakdown.I can't remember if this is a retail or hobby pack.

Approximate odds per pack of finding: Chrome refractor 1:4, Chrome Parallel Refractor 1:8, *Sequentially Numbered 1st Day Issue 1:32, Lone Star Signatures: Group 1 1:2513, Group 2 1:838, group 3 1:3350 Group 4 1:628 Overall Lone Star Signature 1:287 (See box bottom for list of players within each group), Capture the action 1:19, OnyxExtreme 1:23, Onyx Extreme Die-Cuts 1:115, Goalie Cam 1:37, Eyes of the game 1:23, Eyes of the Game Refractor 1:115

You'd think with the number of inserts, it would be easy to get something, but, then again, this in only one pack of four cards. Let's see how I did.

Foil wrapper.

One of the reasons it felt thick was the inclusion of this paper check list.

Card # 66 Patrick Roy Front and back

May 28, 2003 press conference to announce his retirement.

 Card # 86 Scott Young

Retired after the 05/06 saeaon.


Card # 186 Oleg Saprykin

Playing in Russia since the end of the 06/07 season.


Stadium Club Chrome Refractor #18 Mike Modano
Played last season with Detroit.

The only differences are the "chrome" background , the Stadium Club chrome logo and the crossed hockey sticks.

I don't remember price on this but its probably less now. Well, that was fun. More goodness to come.


  1. Ahhh Oleg!

    I met him when he was 16. He was at my high school for the day (cultural aspect of the hockey tour he was on for the "Russian Selects 1981 team".

    He participated in my co-ed gym class and I believe he "mauled" one of the girls in the class during a game of basketball.

    I wished he would have had a more successful NHL career but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

  2. Its always nice to have a connection to a player or event--you have that personal memeory that no one else has