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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sept 14--Brad Palmer

Brad Palmer

Selected by Minnesota North Stars round 1 #16 overall 1980 NHL Entry Draft
In his first full season with Minnesota, 1981-82, he notched a respectable 22 goals and 45 points However the 1982 Entry Draft drastically affected Palmer's budding career. A young phenom named Brian Bellows was considered to be the best player available and was widely expected to go 1st overall to the Boston Bruins, who acquired the pick from the Colorado Rockies. The North Stars however drastically covetted Bellows and were prepared to do whatever it took to get him in a Minnesota uniform. The Stars first acquired the 2nd overall pick from Detroit in one trade. Then they traded Palmer along with Dave Donnelly to the Boston Bruins in exchange for "future considerations." Palmer and Donnelly were essentially given to the Bruins in exchange for Boston's promise not to select Bellows. Instead, Gord Kluzak went first overall in that Entry Draft.

Kluzak was a fine defenseman but had his career robbed by serious knee injuries. Donnelly never amounted to much, and Palmer quickly fizzled out in Boston. Bellows went on to a career spanning over 1000 games, nearly 500 goals and 1000 points. Needless to say it wasn't a great deal for the Bruins.

1980-1983Minnesota, Boston16832387058
1981-1983Minnesota, Boston29951416

Received this blue ink signed card IP.

Program from the 1983 Molson NHL SloPitch Tournament signed on front by Brad Palmer, Larry Melnyk, Joe Curran, Frank Caprice and unknown.

Check out the team roster page. 19 teams present plus Oldtimer, Officals and Media. The only drawback was games being played at the same time at three locations in three different cities. You kind of had to check the schedule to determine which team you wanted to see and map out a plan to drive around to the next park. There was a "Breakfast with the Star" Saturday and Sunday where you sat in the same room as whomever of the players showed up. I don't remember how many of these they had (too lazy to look it up) but it was an annual event that I attended for a few years. Great time to get autos. Hard to believe this was almost 30 years ago. Sort of like a mega mall. One stop autograph collecting.

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  1. "Players listed have tentatively indicated their intention of appearing in the tournament."

    Hah! In other words, they said they'll think about it. I wonder how many no-shows there were.

    What's also interesting is that Pat Foley--the Blackhawks play-by-play announcer was the coach for Chicago. He probably would have been his second year with the team as the play-by-play guy.

    Another curiosity is that Chicago Cubs pitcher Rick Sutcliffe is the coach for Toronto. I wonder why *he* didn't coach the Chicago slow-pitch softball team. THAT'S the guy I'd want coaching my slow-pitch team.