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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sept 24--Dan Maloney

Dan Maloney

Selected by Chicago Blackhawks round 1 #14 overall 1970 NHL Amateur Draft

"I never counted the number of fights I've been in or how many I won or lost. It doesn't matter how many fights you win, anyway. It's how many times you show up for them that counts." - Dan Maloney

On November 5, 1975 in a game between Detroit and Toronto, Dan pounced on Maple Leafs defenseman Brian Glennie from behind. He dropped Glennie with a punch, hit him several more times, then repeatedly lifted and dropped Glennie by the scruff of his neck, causing his head to strike the ice. Glennie was hospitalized with a concussion.

Dan was charged with assault to cause bodily harm for his attack. He was the first NHL player charged under the 1976 crackdown on hockey violence ordered by Ontario Attorney-General Roy McMurtry. Dan was eventually acquitted of the charges by a jury in this widely publicized two-week Toronto trial in the summer of 1976.
 He was acquitted but was banned from playing in Toronto for two seasons.

1970-1982CHI, LA, DET, TOR7371922594511,489
1971-1981Chicago, L.A., Toronto40471135

Dan Maloney
Sales Representative

241 Minets Point Road
Barrie, Ontario, L4N 4C4

Office: (705) 739-1300
Fax: (705) 739-1330

Received these blue ink signed cards IP.

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