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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Field of Dreams

Wade Boggs is part of  a group that has bought The Field of Dreams movie site in Dyersville, Iowa. The plans are to turn it into a $38 million, 24 field youth baseball and softball tournament complex. The site includes 193 acres, mostly cornfields, as well as the two-bedroom house featured in the movie, the baseball field and six other buildings. Now that is really buying some sports memorabilia. This got me to thinking. What piece of sports memorabilia would I buy from a sports movie. Maybe something from The Air Up There. I was an extra in that and also in The Cutting Edge.  Rocky? The Colour of Money? Caddyshack?  For me, though, I’m a hockey guy. It would have to be from the classic Slapshot. Since I wear glasses, a pair of specs worn by one of the Hanson’s would fit the bill nicely.
What would your ultimate piece of sports movie memorabilia be?


  1. Good post/question.

    If I could grab one sports movie prop/set piece/whatever, it'd have to beeeeee....maybe the VW Bus from Field of Dreams. Or maybe the Coke machine from Slapshot. Oh oh oh, I wouldn't mind the Wonderboy bat from The Natural (whole or broken).

  2. I always liked the old bus from Major League. Only problem is the Indians logo on it.