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Sunday, January 13, 2013

WHA Enforcer TTM

Gord Gallant played in the World Hockey Association  for the Quebec Nordiques, Minnesota Fighting Saints, and Birmingham Bulls. In 273 regular season games, he accumulated 849 PIM’s. Add 98 PIM’s in 14 playoff games. Let’s say he was a “specialist”
You can check out his stats here.
Here is how his time in Minnesota ended.
Sent these cards out to Mr. Gallant about 25 years ago.
75/76 OPC # 96 RC
76/77 OPC # 4 Penalty Minute Leaders
It appears on the top card, he is listed as Gordie and that’s how he signed. The bottom card lists him as Gord, so it looks like he just signed Gord.  A great reply from a WHA only player.


  1. Wait, are you saying that you are just now getting these in the mail after 25 years or that you sent and received them 25 years ago?!

    Also, Gallant's lip dressing is amazing.

    1. Yes, that would probably be some kind of record---just showing some stuff from back in the day--that 'stache is something--thanks for reading

    2. My cusin Gord Machine Gun Gallant 65 now healthy and well. He still plays charity games with ex pros. A true warrior!!!

  2. A true fearless warrior in his time, Gord Machine Gun Gallant is still alive and well. He also still plays for charity with other ex pros! A true giant killer in his heyday!