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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Go On Episode 9-- Things cannot change their innate nature.

A leopard cannot change its spots. This species' success in the wild is in part due to its opportunistic hunting behaviour and its notorious ability for stealth. The leopard consumes virtually any animal that it can hunt down and catch. Let’s say the wild is the Ligue Nord-Americaine de Hockey. Let’s name the panthera pardus  Donald Brashear of the RDL in the LNAH. In 1025 regular season  NHL games, he accumulated 2634 PIM. Now the minor pro LNAH has the unofficial reputation as the world's toughest hockey league; the league averaged 3.2 fights a game during the 2010-2011 season, compared with 0.6 fights in the NHL. The league has a rule that stipulates that all players must either have come from Quebec, or played junior hockey in Quebec.
From Feb 2011

For this incident, he was suspended for eight games(reduced to five)

From Jan 11 2013
Reminds a lot of people of the Moore/Bertuzzi incident. This resulted in a six game suspension.
Little known fact. Brashear's great-uncle Carl Brashear, was the first African-American to be certified as a Master Diver in the U.S. Navy. He was the inspiration for the movie Men of Honor in which he was portrayed by Cuba Gooding Jr.
Another episode of Go On, showing the whereabouts and doings of former “specialists”
When will it end? Probably never or I won’t have any fodder for these posts.

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  1. I met Carl Brashear back in 2000. I was a student at Columbia College and worked for their student newspaper, the Columbia Chronicle.

    The director and producer of "Men of Honor" were graduates of Columbia College, so they held the premier screening of their film in Chicago.

    I was at the premier, shooting video for our website. One of our reporters and I wanted to record an interview with Mr. Brashear, but his publicist/handler/agent/whatever (a pretty, younger, blonde lady) said he was feeling tired. He agreed to shake hands with us, though.