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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Theres no biz two

like sports biz or a sports business card. I have written previously on receiving autographs through the mail of Noel Picard here. He also included this signed business card.


Like I've mentioned in the past, I frequently requested business cards. It's another "collectible" in my collection.
I've also mentioned in past of getting IP autographs at the Labatts Original Six hockey tournament. Here are a pair of ticket stubs from Aug 1983

Three games this night in the round robin tournament. Toronto vs Chicago, Detroit vs New York and Montreal vs Boston. The thrifty person that I am, I had  a complimentary ducat plus had to pay $3.00 for the other. I'd say that was money well spent. And who remembers BASS ticket outlets.
I have all kinds of "stuff" like this that I will continue to bring out and do my show and tell.
Writing about Buds and Labatts is making me think of other things to do right now than blog.


  1. As a collector of business cards from sports teams I have to say that is a very cool card. An ex hockey player, and Budweiser Clydesdales. It can't get any better than that can it?

  2. I kinda sorta borrowed your idea---have a bunch of cards to show--love reading your stuff

  3. Very cool. Never thought about collecting business cards. Look forward to seeing future "stuff".

  4. That's a pretty neat idea for a collection, something I likely never would have thought of!