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Monday, September 9, 2013

My Charmed Mistress Who’s the Boss at Melrose Place

No, I’m not referring to my wife. I’m sure she fits one of those descriptions. But today I’ll be deviating a bit from my usual hockey autographs.
(this one’s for you Dave H)
During my hounding experiences, I have managed to obtain a few signatures of other celebrities besides hockey. One of those times was at the Wayne Gretzky Celebrity Tennis Tournament that was held here in Brantford during the 80’s. I have posted cards I got signed in previous posts. Here are two I got of Alyssa Milano. I believe she would have been around 14 at the time. But knowing that she would be there and I would have behind the scenes access, I was prepared. I took a couple of pages from my daughter’s teen magazines. Having attended a few of these events, I found this one no different. Gracious signers all. Anyhow, here are the pair.(of pictures)
With hockey season in the wind, a change of pace from all the guys. I’ll probably show some more of these in the future.

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