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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

This Day in NHL History 1987 Sept 3

September 03

Toronto Maple Leafs acquired Ed Olczyk and Al Secord from Chicago for Bob McGill, Steve Thomas and Rick Vaive.

 84/85 OPC # 313

Obtained blue sharpie auto IP


  1. Talk about your crappy trades. Only Thomas turned out to be anything halfway decent.

  2. Crappy for who? Thomas was awesome, and Vaive was decent but his time in Chicago was way too short.

  3. and us Leaf fans were stuck with Al Secord

  4. Hey, you only gave Secord like, 1 1/2 seasons to do something worthwhile. Everyone knows the two reasons why he was a 50 goal scorer:
    1. Denis Savard
    2. Steve Larmer
    What were the Leaf fans expecting from Secord anyway, without Savvy and Gramps to dish the puck to him?