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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This Day in NHL History 1983 Sept 30/ Year to date results

September 30

Minnesota North Stars traded Fred Barrett to Los Angeles in exchange for future considerations.

71/72 OPC # 128RC

Obtained blue ink auto TTM. 

And now, what you've all been waiting for. My year to date results for this project.  A recap for those new readers or who came in sometime since I started. A few years ago, I did a series on todays birthday in hockey. I then tried to see if I had an autographed card in my collection. I had 289 of 366 (of course, it was a leap year). This year I\m trying a this day in NHL history and showcasing an autographed card from my collection for each day. So far, here are the results.

April 22/22
May 31/31
June 30/30
July 30/31
Aug 30/31
Sept 28/30


Sitting at 97.7 %  You would think with the season just around the corner, I should be able to maintain this. Summer months with not much happening and all. And I must be running out of autographed cards. We'll see.

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