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Thursday, February 5, 2015

More from REF4RETT game

REF4RETT Raises $25,000

Ian Fowler of the Paris Mounties alumni, Lory Morton and her daughters Elle Morton and Paige Morton, and former Maple Leaf captain Rick Vaive pose for a ceremonial puck drop at the Ref4Rett event last weekend in Paris.(Submitted Photo)

Full story here

Besides this great poster, I got a few of my items signed.

Vol 2 # 6 1994 Ottawa Senators "Bodycheck" magazine signed by Dave McLlwain

91/92 ProSet # 363 and 90/91 ProSet # 426 signed by Ric Nattress. He signed with his # 2 that he wore with the Leafs, not # 6 with the Flames.

91/92 OPC # 515 and 91/92 OPC insert # 23R signed by Dmitri Mironov.. He signed with his Leafs # 15 , not his Red Army # 2.

Poster signed by Bill Derlago. The guys had fun with this one. Noticing it was 1985, Tom Fergus asked Bill if that made him 100. Bill kidded Mike Krushelnyski that he may have 2 Cups but not the Molson Cup.

Joked about not being able to stand up.

Checked to see who the Ranger was (Kris King)

Said he scored from behind the goal line

Signed and was busy talking about the next picture.

Mark wanted to show everyone  that he could make the split save.  Fergus asked him how long it took him to get off his knees.

Lou let out a few choice words and then caught himself. The older couple behind me said it was a good thing there were mature ears listening.

Kevin was wondering where his head went to.

He put on his glasses to see who the Capitals player was (John Druce).

A few more signed wirephotos for my collection. One of the good things around here is the Leafs alumni play a lot. The downside is it's usually the same players playing so opportunities for new player autographs are few.

And for some guys, it's hard to find some wirephotos. I have probably 10,000 covering the 88/89, 89/90 and 90/91 seasons. Now if the player only played a few games, the odds aren't great he was captured on film. The Shannon might be the only one I have and was lucky to find the Maguire's. I can find multiples of the others though.

Well that was my Saturday night. Next Saturday, Curtis Joseph will be signing and I hope to get there.

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