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Monday, February 2, 2015

#walletcard's busy weekend

After being cooped up in my wallet for the week, #walletcard kept busy this weekend. Saturday night we went to a hockey game and the Toronto Maple Leafs won a game.

The Leafs alumni that is.

It was a benefit game to raise awareness of RETT Syndrome. It was started by OHA referee Kevin Morton, who's daughter has this. You can read more at REF4RETT

#walletcard Rick was there to see his self in person. The game had a really great idae. They were selling these posters for $1.00 and you could walk through the line and get it signed by the alumni. As you may notice, the Rick Vaive slot is blank.  He did play in the game but due to timing and a previous commitment, he could not stay after the game. #walletcard Rick was unhappy but there will always be another time.

I did get more autographs which I will share another time. I also have some good stories to tell of the players when they signed my items.

Sunday was an outing for entertainment of another kind.

We had tickets to see the  granddaughters in their dance recital for the Burford Dancers Dance Studio. (same town that current NHL'er Adam Henrique grew up in)

They seem to enjoy it which is the main thing. And I know we enjoyed it too.