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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Better late than never

On Feb 7, 1976 Maple Leaf captain Darryl Sittler set an NHL record for most points in one game  G 6 A 4 TP 10. This was set against Dave Reece of the Bruins in an 11-4 Leaf victory. That season he became the first Leaf to score 100 points in a season.

Box score of game.

Notice that two of the goals were scored at 10:27 and 9:27. It's just numbers right.

Front of Leaf postcard autographed by Darryl in light blue pen.

From  the stats on back, it appears that is is a 75/76 issue Leafs postcard. Skyine Marina Ltd rubber stamp on back. Obtained this at a garage sale in the 90's. Since my wife knows me as a miser, tightwad etc, I doubt I paid more than a quarter for this. Though some of the details are sketchy,vthe memory remains the same. Signing off.

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