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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mario Lemieux & Paul Coffey

1992 Mario Lemieux & Paul Coffey "Hockey Tips"  book with Portable Skate-Sharpener
The book (featuring Mario and Paul on the cover, dressed in their Penguins uniform with their facsimile autographs appearing under each player) and Skate-Sharpener . It's "The story of two of hockey's most exciting performers. How they got their starts, and the great moments in their illustrious careers. Mario and Paul provide important tips to help you improve your technique. The book includes a twelve month yearly planner; record your scoring performance, practice and playoff milestones. The history of the Skate Sharpener." It was a fund raiser for the Ontario March of Dimes. Now I wonder if I had this skate sharpener if it would have helped my hockey skills as a kid. One never knows. I could'a been a star.


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