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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1960's Pow-R-Puck

Welcome to some more nostalgic memories (mine, maybe yours too). Back when I was a kid, we played outdoors on the rink all the time. There were the usual games and other competitions we thought up.

Mike Walton Promo photo (as seen on e-bay)

My actual Pow-R-Puck

Now came something called Pow-R-Puck. This puck could measure the speed of your shot. There was a dial that went from 0-100 mph and  dial that could be set from low to high. We would just shoot the puck and try to see who possessed the fastest shot. I don't remember what my top speed was but not the best. I just remember the good times. The packaging is long gone

e-bay ad for similar item but I'm thinking mine must have been a Maple Leaf package.

I'm thinking I should get out my old wooden Louisville stick and see what I can do. At least I don't have to convert to kilometres.


  1. Thanks for the memories. Got my Pow-R-Puck as a Christmas
    present. Eventually, the plastic dial was found to be the weak link.
    It went perfectly with my Bobby Hull obsession at the time.

  2. What does the dial for low to high represent?

  3. My Father and his brother were the inventors of the original pow-r-puck. Invented on Dupont Street in Toronto Ontario. I remember meeting many Leaf players back then.
    Donald Howard Armstrong and Brother Richard Armstrong

    1. The Original inventor was my grandfather Kenneth Bradford. My dad has all the patent paper work. I have all the original pucks and packaging

  4. as friend sent me this what a trip down memory lane. I had one of these as a kid and I think a couple of friends had one too. I wish I had one now unused...what a discussion piece that would be...If there isn't one of these in the hockey hall of fame there should be !!. Thanks Larry

  5. Got a power puck brand new ..
    Bought it back then ..
    Maybe 5...6 bucks o think

    1. How much is it worth today.
      Rare find?

  6. I wonder what they sell for today