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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bobby Hull--IP

Welcome back readers. My uncle used to work for Simpson Sears(department store) in the advertising department. In 1965, they created a sports advisory council who signed athletes to endorse their line of sports equipment.
They included NHLer's Pierre Pilote, Glenn Hall and Bobby Hull. All members of the Chicago BlackHawks (hmm  Sears Roebuck based in Chicago--coincidence??). Also on the council were football player John Barrow, ski pro Dick Townsend and physical fitness advisor (and wrestler) Johnny Powers. Anyhow, my uncle gave me some b/w photos that were used in the store for advertising.

Flash forward to 1985. Bobby Hull's sons, Bobby Jr and Blake were playing senior A hockey for the Brantford Motts Clamatos. Bobby was making an appearance and was scheduled to sign autographs. Along with some cards, I pulled the now 20 year old photo out to bring along. As always, Bobby was smiling and signing. Here is the result.

Personalised photo signed in black marker. Gee, what are the odds this may be  a 1/1. Still have the Hall and Pilote. Maybe I should try and get those signed also.

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