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Monday, October 1, 2012

A funny thing happened on my vacation

This post has been sitting around waiting for me to finish it. Since my vacation was at the end of July, time to put this baby to bed.

Vacation=a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation.

That was the plan.

Here is the cottage.

View of the lake in the early morning

Weather was good, friends are always good and fishing was fine.
Now here's where it gets interesting. I had lamented in an earlier post about autograph opportunities that were presented but I couldn't attend because of work commitments.

The Scenario
There are five cottages, one with twin verandas, which we had with our friends for the week.
One of the couples were there with their inlaws, having two of the cabins. Now talking with Paul, I discovered that his cousin was my mechanic at the dealership near where I work.
Tuesday was euchre night for anyone that was interested.
One such couple was Orf and Marie, who occupied another one of the cottages.

Now one of the owners of the place we were staying at was a salesman and dealt with my former workplace. He sold to my boss but wasn't his territory when I started work there. Another connection. This is like Six degrees of Kevin Bacon ( I'm less than one step away from Kev). Anyways, Daryl (the owner) told Orf that I was a big hockey collector. He went and got to show me the pin collection that he received from John Ferguson some years ago. He had actually gone to see Red Sullivan earlier that day and showed him the pins.  Orf,amongst other things, (Zamboni driver, salesman) was also a friend of and was travelling with a former NHL'er, who was staying in one of the other cabins. Now, of course, when does an opportunity ever present itself like this and you're ready. This former player
 had heard from the owner I was a big hockey fan and collected cards and autographs. His cottage was right in front of the beach area where we would sit. He came over and introduced himself and we had a great chat.

talking in the water

that's me on the right in case you hadn't guessed

This might seem to be turning into one of those friends vacation picture showings that we just all love.  For reading this far, I'm going to present my first ever contest. I'll be presenting clues now and then. The first person to identify the mystery NHL guest will win a prize package.

This lot will consist of the following: Still trying to get everything together but one of the items will be a Guy Lafleur autographed authentic wire photo.

First Clue

He played junior hockey in my hometown. Long time readers might remember that I've mentioned my hometown  a few times. Sidenote:One of my team and classmates for five years, got called up from the junior B's and played with this player for five games.

 He played in the NHL during the 70's.

Can't make it too easy to start.

Bonne chance. More clues will be forthcoming.

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