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Friday, November 2, 2012

Go On episode 3

Today we bring you another episode of Go On
Well known vegan and Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada.
NHL's unlikliest tough guy
Georges Laraque
Well, he's been pretty busy the last couple of days.
After assuming a position as  CHLPA executive director in August, he resigned recently amid growing controversy.
You can follow him at
This story just gets curiouser and curiouser.
The endeavour essentially collapsed on Thursday amid a series of bizarre circumstances involving CHLPA support staff and allegations convicted fraudster Randy Gumbley was somehow involved in the union.
On July 9, 2012, Perry Boskus, president of a Florida-based company that produced synthetic ice sheets that Laraque sold in Canada, issued a a press release accusing Laraque of fraud. One day later, Boskus retracted the fraud allegations. Hmmm.
I guess when you are famous, good and bad things just follow you around.
I did read his book a while ago. I found it quite entertaining and presents another side of Georges that I admire. I did receive a reply  back when he was with the Oilers. I sent an e-mail from his website and got a signed colour 8 x 10. I also saw him a few times when he was with the Hamilton Bulldogs.
While the CHLPA endeavour may not succeed, I believe it lays the groundwork for a look at the way junior hockey is run. I think David Branch, president of the Canadian Hockey League, may do something with this. He is not a dumb man and maybe use the framework already started for soem positive results. He has handed out some pretty severe suspensions on a variety of incidents. He has also come down hard on head shots, something the NHL has yet to do.
Seems like there will always be some fodder for my Go On series.

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