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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


2012 Beckett Hockey Monthly Price Guide (#243 November) (Brodeur)
Beckett Hockey Card Price Guide #243 November 2012

No, I don't have an article published like Sal.

But in this issue, there are stories on collecting during a lockout and a feature on Martin Brodeur.

 But I am quoted in this month's issue of Beckett Hockey.

Susan Lulgjuraj,

the Beckett football and hockey editor did a story on

The Rebel League. WHA

The story consists of a brief history of the league and the cards that could be collected. She put out a call at a few months ago and wanted to talk to some people who collected WHA cards. Since we couldn't hook up, she emailed me the questions and I replied. The following is our exchange.

SL: What kind of WHA cards do you have and what have you collected over the years?
ME: I pretty much have all the mainstream stuff. 72/73 OPC high numbers, series 4 and the team logo card inserts, 73/74 OPC posters, 74/75, 75/76, 76/77 and 77/78 OPC sets. I also have some 73/74 Quaker Oats and 72/73 Ottawa Nationals post card set. Besides cards, also have some WHA team patches.

SL. Do you remember the WHA? What did you think about it?
 ME: Personally, as a Canadian, to me hockey is hockey. Whether it's at the junior level, minors or pros, I love it all. Remember watching the games on TV. Pretty exciting to watch as an alternative to the NHL. As they say "Hockey is Life"

SL: In the hockey world, how did fans view the guys that came over from the WHA? 

ME: I'm assuming you mean guys that come over to the WHA. In the days before all the new technogy, you pretty much had only the daily newspaper to keep informed. No sports radio or web stories. Another league meant more exposure for the players. We didn't have the knowledge of the issues between players and owners. So someone getting a million dollar contract was hard to fathom. Getting paid that much money to play a game was hard for the fan to take. My Maple Leafs were hit hard by player defections and I didn't blame the players. If someone offered me a lot of money to do my job elsewhere, I, too, would probably go.
 SL: What did you like about the OPC WHA cards?
 ME: Before the "junk wax" era of the 90's, there were very few cards to collect. Your usual OPC and Topps and some oddball sets. The WHA offered another set of cards. It was a ards and sets cheaplychance to see logos of new teams that were colourful in name and teasm colours. Also cards were issued of some players that you (and probably nobody outside of their family) had never heard of. For me, since the WHA was a rebel league, most dealers were selling the cheaply as they weren't the NHL.
She worked my quotes into her story and I was pleased. It's not every day I see myself in print . 

And news of my favourite team.

According to Forbes magazine NHL team valuations

Maple Leafs First Hockey Team Worth $1 Billion

Well, at least we're number 1 in something.


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