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Thursday, April 16, 2015

90/91 Score Young Superstars

Now that my previous posting project is over, I have settled into doing another "series"  During the junk wax/over production era, card companies released products just because they could. Since Score had an exclusive deal with Eric Lindros, they found ways to issue cards of him. I'll review the set below leading up to the last card, The Big E.

Besides their main set, Score released this glossy box set, 90/91 Score Young Superstars. Contains 40 NHL Player Cards (says so right on the box). 
I will review all 40 cards and determine whether I indeed received 40 "young superstars" as promised.

In keeping up with the rink theme, box has blue line and red line motif.

Checklist on back.

# 1 Pierre Turgeon

Young--21 years old  

Superstar--an exceptional talent, widely recognized and eagerly sought after for their services

Regular season
GP 1294  G  515  A  812  Pts 1327 PIM 452

GP109    G  35    A  62     Pts. 97     PIM  36

Played in All-Star Game.1990 1993 1994 1996 2000

In regular society, he would still be kid. In the NHL , he was a veteran.  Over 50% of NHL players play less than 100 career games  and for about 5 %, it's their only game. Roughly 4% play over 1000 games.

To me, he had the ability and the talent but not the desire to be a true superstar. To me, this was proven by his actions during the 1987 World Junior Championship.  During the infamous Punchup in Piestany, he was the only skater left on the bench. This left one of his teammates double teamed. Yes, maybe he was not a fighter but how can you sit on the bench watching this and not want to do something for the Maple Leaf on the front of your jersey.

He was also involved in another on-ice incident. After scoring a series clinching goal for the 92/93 Islanders , he was crosschecked from behind by Washington's Dale Hunter. He suffered a separated shoulder and Hunter was suspended 21 games.

 These incidents likely played a part in Pierre's demeanor on the ice.

So yes, Young,  but to me, no Superstar here. I never followed him that closely and was surprised that he was over a point a game during his career. I would put him on the superstar fringe, somewhat like how he played.

Do you consider Pierre Turgeon a Superstar?

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