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Saturday, April 11, 2015

OK Blue Jays Lets Play Ball

As the name of my blog suggests, Hockey Kazi, I'm a big time hockey guy. A look at my Zistle collection at this moment shows 97,594 hockey cards. This does include doubles, triples and stuff from the junk wax era. By comparison, my baseball total is 18,860. A friend of mine, whom I also coached baseball with, is strictly a Blue Jays collector. No buying packs or boxes for this guy. He's got everything in binders and complete checklists and wantlists. Now I did pick up Blue Jays cards here and there and do have a nice little PC going on. This is a shout out to the following who have helped me recently with bubble mailers and a flat rate box.  Jeff at 2 x 3 Heroes, Greg at Night Owl Cards, Brian at HSCA, Drew at drewcards. Tony at Off Hiatus Baseball Cards, Pat at Hot Cards, Paul at Pauls Random Baseball Stuff and Colbey have all sent great additions to my now Blue Jay PC. There's some much goodness I could scan but I'll forego it this time. I know its been a long time and I haven't thanked anybody, so THANK YOU. Now that my Maple Leafs are entering the next season (off-season, that is) I may concentrate more on my Jays collection. 

On that note, I will leave you with this.

As Gil Renard says "Let's play some baseball"


  1. Hope they bring up Munenori Kawasaki soon... or trade him to the A's or Padres ;)

    1. Hi Fuji: He is a fan favourite here. People wearing his jersey at the games and chanting Kawa-saki.Somehow when there are pictures of the game, if he is playing, he's in the shot. One story on the 2015 season, the file photo they chose for the story was him. He's one of my guys. Check out some youtube videos of him, very entertaining.

  2. Love his dancing and interview videos!