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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

This Day in NHL History 2000 April 8

April 08

Nik Antropov had a goal as the Toronto Maple Leafs surpassed the 100-point mark for the first time in team history, with a 4-2 win against the visiting Tampa Bay Lightning.

00/01 Pacific # 384

Obtained blue sharpie auto from pack

362/366 is the final tally.

And that's a wrap. No, not the end of my blog (even though some may want it).

My This Day in NHL History project has ended. As a reminder, I tried to post an autographed item from my PC for an event thta happened on that day.
 This is the second year long one I've attempted, the first being my Today's Birthday feature which ran in 2012/13. I'm still amazed that I have enough different player autographs to feature on a daily basis. Sure brings back a lot of memories. I'm sure most hounders remember the IP experience. It puts that personal touch to the autograph that can't be replicated.

Time to move on but the final word brought to you by

The Doors

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