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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12--17 Birthdays

There are 17 former and current NHL'ers who share birthdays on this date. For the first time this month, I don't have any autographs for any of them to share.
So I will just throw out some random musings.

Andy van Hellemond

When newspapers across North America ran a comic strip last month that referred to Van Hellemond as “the worst and most evil ref ever,” Van Hellemond hired a lawyer. The creators of the strip, Adam@Home, and numerous newspapers that published it, including the Toronto Star, have since been served with notices of Van Hellemond’s intention to sue for libel.

The four-panel strip in question, which ran in numerous newspapers consists of a back and forth between a father and a son. In the first panel, the son asks his father, “Think I could be an NHL ref?” Replies the father: “If Van Hellemond could do it, anyone can.”
The son wonders: “Who’s Van Hellemond?”
“Some say the worst and most evil ref ever,” the father replies.
In the third panel the son, whose interest in the legend of Van Hellemond is piqued, asks the father: “How bad was he?” The father replies: “So bad he couldn’t see ‘icing’ on a cupcake.”

And the worst thing, referees don't even call icing.

Van Hellemond is now a city councillor in Guelph—and you can be  assured that some municipal politicians can be very sensitive about criticism. Should be interesting as experts on libel law were divided on the merits of Van Hellemond’s potential case.

These Coke booklets on how to play hockey are from my boyhood days with a 1966 copyright. Four different booklets





Comic illustrations from the David Keon booklet. Guess I didn't learn my lessons well enough.
This booklet from Chex, part of Ralston Purina from 1962. Tips from Leaf coach Punch Imlach.

Even Punch couldn't get me to the NHL.

Man ,this thing is almost 50 years old. Hope someone enjoys seeing this stuff.

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