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Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17--Bryan Trottier

Bryan Trottier

Selected by New York Islanders,  round 2 #22 overall in the 1974 nHL Amateur Draft.
Selected by Cincinnati Stingers, round 2 #18 overall in the 1974 WHA Amateur Draft.
Bryan Trottier was a modern-day player with old-fashioned attributes. At a time when specialists were beginning to take over from the all-round player, Trottier was a throwback. He was a defensively sound centerman with the vision and instincts of a pure scorer.
In 1974 the NHL was reacting to the threat of the World Hockey Association. The elder league held a semi-secret draft with an emphasis on underaged players - teenagers who were 17 and 18 years old. Trottier was chosen 22nd overall in the second round, and he was the ninth underaged player taken that year.
His number 19 was raised to the rafters on October 20, 2001.
Bryan Trottier was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1997.

1975-1994N.Y. Islanders, Pittsburgh1,2795249011,425912
1976-1994N.Y. Islanders, Pittsburgh22171113184277

Received these blue ink signed cards IP. This was during the late 80's before they had card shows every weekend. This was a semi-annual or quarterly show, don't remember which. It was a big thing yo actaully have a show to go to so you could interact with dealers and colletors. You could BUY,TRADE or SELL. And the best part was the autographs were FREE. (with paid admission of I think $2.00).

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