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Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28--Jim Korn

Jim Korn

Selected by Detroit Red Wings round 5 #73 overall 1977 NHL Amateur Draft
Selected by New England Whalers round 6 #52 overall 1977 WHA Amateur Draft
Jim was a very physical player and earned his  paycheck by being just that. He was willing to drop the gloves. Some nights he could play a very effective role by punishing teams physically in terms of body checks and clearing out the front of the net, but more often than not such play would result in skirmishes. Tangible skills were not readily evident with Jim. He had decent speed for a big man on the ice, but no agility. He couldn't do much with the puck other than dump it out of the zone, and any goal he scored would be by banging in front of the net, or the occasional shot from the point that the goalie couldn't see due to traffic in front of him.
He showed flashes of talent but his attitude was always a concern and constantly alienated him from his teammates.

1979-1990DET, TOR, BUF, NJ, CGY597661221881,801
1983-1990Toronto, New Jersey, Calgary16123109

Received these blue ink signed cards IP.

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