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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19--No Birthdays

For the third time this month, no autographs of any of the 16 players with birthdays today. So I'll share some more stuff from my collection.

Some pinback buttons from the Wayne Gretzky Tennis Classic here in Brantford. Don't remember picking one up from the 2nd annual one.

Button from NHL SloPitch Classic in Niagara Falls.

These were two of the best events for getting autographs in the 80's.

Patches of teams from the 1976 CanadaCup.

Some WHA patches

Some miscellaneous patches.

Pretty much anything connected to hockey I collect because

Chris Osgood:HOF???

The Hall of Fame debate centering on Osgood is one that will rage for at least three years, when he officially goes on the Selection Committee's ballot. Some will say his numbers put him on solid footing for induction, while others will argue Osgood was the beneficiary of playing on great teams and his numbers are a result of who played in front of him. I say no. Don't think of him as being worthy now or in the past.
Todays signings

Tampa Bay signs Steven Stamkos to a 5 year deal $37.5 million dollar deal. Meanwhile my Toronto Maple Leafs signed Joey Crabb to a 1 year two-way contract with an NHL salary of $750,000 and 105,000 at the AHL level.  HMMM
Stay tuned for more goodness.

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  1. I like the the Gretzky pins, wish I could find something like that around here.