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Friday, March 2, 2012

March 2--Tom Hanks is not happy

And not because I don't have anything today for the 21 players whose birthdate is today.

No, Wilson is gone.

Even Brian Burke had seen enough. With 18 games left in the Leafs season, Randy Carlyle has been called on to replace Wilson.
Wilson compiled a 130-135-45 record with Toronto and leaves the team sitting fourth on the NHL's all-time list for games coached.

"This was not an easy decision for me to make," Burke said in a statement.

Watch the live Toronto Maple Leafs press conference on and Sportsnet ONE at 10 a.m. ET Saturday.

Heard the news on my way home from work on sports radio. They then changed the subject on Wilson firing and took calls. Pretty much everyone applauded the deal and said it should have come sooner. We will see how Randy Carlyle fares.

As Bum Phillips said:

There's two kinds of coaches, them that's fired and them that's gonna be fired."[

I guess we Leaf fans have the best of both worlds right now.

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