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Saturday, January 29, 2011

50th NHL All Star Game --The Final Day

Sunday, the final day. Same routine, breakfast, talk and ready to go. Now the announcement. No, I did not win tickets to the actual game. Wait, what's happening. Now they're walking around picking about 20 people. They need people to man the doors for the All-Star dinner/banquet thing. Hey Pam over here. She does pick me. All we have to do is open the doors and greet the guests coming in to the Convention Centre where the event is being held. Since it's Canada and February, its cold outside. We are being provided jackets which we can keep.

Front of jacket

Close up of NHL FANtasy logo and Roots on sleeve

Back with 2T0R0NT0 logo

Finished my shift, had something to eat and rested up. Greeted many guests, corporate and NHL. Still did not get any autographs. It was like a whos who of hockey. Theres's The Count (not Don Grosso or Bob Dailey) Gary Betteman. Clint Smith. Jari Kurri. Borje Salming.  Ex-Leaf Billy Derlago shook my hand and thanked me. To numerous to mention. Now it's over so will have to wait for my bus to take me to the train. The collector in me said maybe I should go back to where the FANtasy area was set up. Nobody there except workers taking down the booths and displays. There was stuff they were keeping and stuff they were throwing out. Now I wish I would have driven in so I could take some of the display advertising and such. Alas, could not carry such large items on public transport.  Oh well, c'est la vie. The whole experience was great and left me with many good memories. On a side note, I have volunteered for this years Mastercard Memorial Cup in Mississauga during May.
Hopefully this happens. Maybe more stuff to add to the memory bank.


  1. Great memories and nice jacket. And you can't worry about what you didn't get, because you still got a lot of cool stuff that no one else has.

  2. No one normal has commented anywhere on this blog.

  3. I am sure jackets like that looked different in the eighties.