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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

50th NHL All-Star Game part 3

Hi Ho Hi Ho, its off to work I go. Of course, this does really seem like work. Standing at the slap shot booth, holding a stick and getting people to take some shots. The FAN radio station was broadcasting live, so I called the the co-hosts over to try, Mike Hogan and the coach, Don Landry. They come over but go to the lane next to mine to participate. It was fun trying to get the younger kids to try and watching their expressions. Guys trying to impress their girlfriend/wife. More fun trying to coax them to try. Not feeling to bad. An hour trip to work. Work eight hours. Walk to the Convention Centre and have breakfast and just talk with other people for an hour. Work the booth for four and a half hours. The hour trip back home. Need some lunch and then sleep. I guess the adrenaline rush keeps me going. So here is a picture of the jersey and cap we had to wear. I heard that there were some people who signed up, got the jersey and but them on e-bay to sell. I suppose with somewhere over 1200 volunteers it was bound to happen.

The only drawback was you couldn't see anything else going on elsewhere. There were players, officials and executives walking about and I couldn't leave my post to get autographs. Day 3, over and out.

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  1. The one thing most athletes have in common with the jailbirds including ice hockey players is they are just names and numbers.