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Friday, January 28, 2011

50th NHL All-Star Game part 4 (and day 4)

Hello Canada and hockey fans in the United States and Newfoundland: No, I'm not Foster Hewitt but just stoked to meet everyone at the FANfest. Its fun getting together with people who share your love of THE GAME. Talked collecting with some, comparing notes and telling stories. Doing this full time would be a blast. Since it is Saturday and I didn't work Friday night, I caught up on some sleep and raring to go. Walked around checking out the other booths and generally having a good time. At breakfast, there was an announcement that there was going to be a draw for tickets to the game itself from the volunteers who worked all five shifts. They would make the announcement Sunday. I guess that would ensure you came back to work. Would I be a lucky winner? To be announced in the next 50th NHL All-Star Game post. Until then, He shoots He scores.

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  1. What would happen if all ice hockey players did low slap shots, and the pucks always came out of the ice hockey goals anyway?