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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm a Maple Leaf lifer

Parody mocks Leaf fans

Leaf fans love to hear the boos.
A Internet video called, "Love to Hear the Boos" is stirring up the longstanding rivalry between Toronto Maple Leafs fans and Montreal Canadiens fans. It's had more than 150,000 YouTube hits since it was uploaded three days ago.
It's a parody of Eminem and Rihanna's "Love the Way You Lie" where a closet Leafs fan gets in hot water with his Habs-loving girlfriend for secretly cheering on his team. As a form of punishment, she makes him wear a brown paper bag over his head while he's still wearing the blue-and-white jersey.
"The video is so open-ended for people to decide what stance they're taking," said Sean Plumbridge, 25, who is the creator of Vancouver-based Hockey Gods and also stars as the shamed Leafs fan in the video.
"We've had Leafs fans think it's pro-Leafs and anti-Leafs and the same thing with Canadiens fans. The comments went from being about the video to people just battling back and forth."

Just gonna stand here and watch you lose,
That's alright because I like to hear the boos,
I like to watch all the Leafs fans cry,
Brian Burke you should have stayed in Anaheim,
You should have stayed in Anaheim.
I can't tell you if they'll win again,
I can only tell you what they're golfing in,
And right now, we're wishing that we had Tyler Seguin!
It's a secret but I cheer while I can cheer,
As long as she doesn't find out, SHOOT!..Man I’m out of here!
She doesn't get me, Why is she with me?
She'll love me when we win the cup in 2050!
It's time to be a man, no wait, no it ain’t.
Not if I wanna make love again!
Just gonna stand here and watch you lose,
That's alright because I like to hear the boos,
And if you should start to cry,
Here's a paper bag I cut two holes for eyes,
I cut two holes for eyes.
Have you ever wondered
why these Maple Leafs they always seem so awful,
I always wondered at that game why they threw them waffles,
they brought in Dion Phaneuf, Kris Versteeg, and Phil Kessel,
What's next Burke ... bring in the Hulkster to wrestle?
I know Cliff Fletcher left you on a stretcher,
made some bad decisions had us wishin' you was on a mission but I doubt!
I doubt I'll see a cup soon in Toronto,
Believe me when I say it ain’t no consolation prize that we got Joey Votto
Just gonna stand here and watch you lose,
That's alright because I like to hear the boos,
But I have got something trapped inside,
I'll always be a secret Maple Leaf for life,
A Maple leaf for Life,
A Maple leaf for Life

Gee, this thing amuses,confuses and amazes me. I guess being a life long Leaf fan will do that to you.

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  1. Too many pro teams in North America and not enough of them in Canada.